The Rule Of One

"For everything is from you, and we give you what we have received from you..."
   (1 Chronicles 29: 14-16)


What do I own and what owns me? Again this year we have an opportunity to examine our faith along three aspects of one theme - "The Rule of One." It's a way for us to take concrete steps to deepen our faith. We start with a self-assessment so that we evaluate our priorities and values regarding our use of time, talent, and treasures. Where on our faith journey? Where would we like to be in one year? By promoting this simple theme, "The Rule of One," we ask every parishioner to commit to: 




One hour of prayer

There are many ways to pray: meditation, the Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, and reading the Bible are examples. How about starting your day by taking ten minutes to read the daily Scriptures? 


One hour of service

Commit to the Youth Ministry, Liturgical ministries, St. Vincent de Paul, or Religious Education as a catechist, to name a few. We have numerous ministries in our parish with many different opportunities for service in our community. 


First hour of wages
Wait, aren't we taught a biblical tithe of 10% is what is required? Yes, this is true. However did you know in the U.S. the average Catholic only tithes 1% of their income? It's not practical for us to expect everyone ot jump to 10% in one step. 

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